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bitch kittens

the ninja cat weell keell youuu

Look Who Got The cream
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Welcome to the cream of the crop.

this community is STRICTLY OVER 14s ONLY. And I promise you, I will check.

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missyoshi (Yoshi) Application

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retrovertigo_x (Ellie) Application

cyanidexxkisses (Amy) Application

ahh the rules. read 'em or else
1, Don't lurk. Join, and apply, and preferably get accepted.
2, You can apply twice. That means, get rejected once, you have one more chance to re-apply, with better pictures, too see if we've changed our mind.
3, tYpE lYk d1s and you're banned. No arguments. That means no crazy text, no text speak and no leet speak.
4, The answer to the question 'Who rules the universe?' is Pooface the Baby. Any other answer here, and we know you haven't read the rules. Plus, put "New Kitten" as the subject header.
5, Be imaginative. Don't be one of these 15 year old bi kids who's favourite song is Lover I Don't Have To Love by Bright Eyes.
6, Take some time on your app, but not too long. Post it within 2 days please.
7, Don't bitch at members and ESPECIALLY not mods if they give you a no. You wanted to be rated, get over it. On a similar note, don't get pissy and delete your application if you get rejected.
8, Sucking up to Yoshi, Ellie and Amy will get you EVERYWHERE. Unless we really don't like you.
9, No one word answers, they make you seem boring. Try and make us laugh, or tell us some interesting stuff
10, Please make sure you'll be able to be active occasionally. If you don't usually have a net connection, don't bother. We don't want dead weight, so to speak.
11, Have fun!

1, Make sure you put "Stamped Kitten" as your subject header if you make a post.
2, Be active! We like lots of picture posts and stuff. Just make sure you put the lot behind an LJ cut, just to save people's Friends pages being stretched to buggery.
3, Be honest, but at least give decent reasons for rejecting someone. Just saying "You're ugly" will NOT do.
4, Nudity is OK, but ONLY IF YOU ARE OVER 18. We will check, and if you are below 18, you will be banned. Also, put photos behind an LJ cut as usual, but make sure that there is a clear warning regarding nudity, just so no-one clicks on it at work/school/etc and seems like a raging perv.
5, If you're going to be away for a while (ie: holiday, internet dying, etc), please try and let us know, m'kay? Just so we know you haven't just upped and left.
6, Hopefully, when we have enough members, we'll have themes. Try and join in, it'll be fun.
7, Please put a promotion banner in your user info once accepted.

45record Application
dead_linzi Application
duracellbunny Application
elantia Application
_faded_photo Application
i_psychonaut Application
katieplaysdead Application
kandia Application
klutzybrit Application
newwaysofliving Application
nintendo_lula Application
stepharoo2 Application
submissive69 Application

volcanop Application

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